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Welcome to Pest Animal Charleston! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Charleston, SC. If you can solve the wildlife control issue you have on your own, we will talk you through how to do that safely and humanely, for all parties involved. We’re really good for friendly (and FREE) advice, and our phones are manned 24/7 to do just that. It doesn’t matter what the pest is, or what time of the day it is, we’re on hand, usually with technicians working in your area for same-day appointments. We are not only available 24/7 for emergency snake removal, and can safely remove all species of snake that you can find in this state, we can cater for a wide range of wild animals - raccoons, skunks, opossums, groundhogs, pigeons, bats, rats, you name it. Once we have safely removed the animal, using humane exclusion techniques and live cage traps only, we will seal all entry-points, remove and sanitize areas in which the animal has come into contact, and even replace insulation. We will repair any damage caused by the animal, and all with a service that is professional-grade. Our techniques have been built up over ten years of working in the industry, and we attend seminars and training regularly. For a free quote, get in touch today. We’re waiting for your call. Call us now at 843-454-0972 for your Charleston wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Charleston and Our Services:

Thorough inspection of your property and attic.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Fully South Carolina licensed and insured.

Experts in South Carolina bat removal from buildings.

Charleston raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Charleston snake removal and prevention.

Charleston bird control services.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range


Charleston Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Groundhog Repellents

Groundhogs mostly frequent open Charleston fields, wooded regions, roadsides, gardens and yards. They are famous for their skillful and extensive burrowing. Groundhogs create plenty of problems for homeowners who have vegetable and fruit gardens. They are also keen diggers and can undermine the ground underneath your gardens and homes. In order to drive them away from your property, you will need effective South Carolina groundhog repellents. They will help in keeping the groundhogs from coming back to trouble you.

Groundhogs are known to consume quite a lot of vegetation and fruits from a garden or a yard. If you observe keenly, you will notice that the burrows made by South Carolina groundhogs have various entrances with a main opening. The nearby ground will also be found to be excavated in large mounds. These entrances work like a tunnel system for them and they are generally about twenty feet apart from the major entrance. These burrows are made by them with different chambers under the ground that are used as restrooms and nesting areas. You will have to identify and locate all these entrances to the burrows so that you can use treat them with necessary repellents so that these rodents will leave your Charleston lawns, gardens and your property.

Repellents will work on them as Charleston groundhogs have very sensitive noses. There are natural and synthetic ways of using the repellents. Readymade groundhog repellents are available on market shelves and they will work but they will not be as potent and effective on long term basis as the natural therapies. Supermarket groundhog repellent products such as the chemical-free Critter Ridders will also work as they contain powerful ingredients such as capsaicin, piperine and black pepper oil. This combination will have an adverse impact on the smell and taste of the groundhogs and also create an unpleasant and a burning sensation to drive them away. The granular version of this product can be sprinkled around your garden and it will work effectively as a defense perimeter for South Carolina groundhogs.