What is the Best Bait to Trap a House Mouse?

Before you learn about the best bait to use, you have to be aware of how the Charleston mice are instinctive, crafty and smart. They have the best sense of smell, good vision and the best hearing. They have the best touch that it is far better compared to what many people may think about. When it comes to trapping the mice, it can be something challenging. It is important to be able to outsmart the mice so that you can get rid of them completely. The South Carolina mice may live in the home and they may use interior of the home as the base where they may come back after their mid night raids in the pantry, bedroom or kitchen.

The South Carolina mice are normally intelligent and they are able to react in different way to different bait used. It is recommended that you use the best bait according to your situation. You need to try different options until you are able to find the one that will work well for your case. As we all know this fact that wild animals can’t be kept as pets, even then many of us have them at our home deliberately or sometimes, unfortunately! This is the reason why, we all need a service to help us in getting rid of these wild Charleston animals if we are failed to do so by our own.

The Charleston mice are craft and may sneak away of the bait without being caught. It is important to outsmart the mice and to find the best trap to use. Some of the best bait you may try out include the dollop of maple syrup, the small slices of the hot dog, the bacon bits that you may have cooked up to use on your own, chunky or smooth peanut butter and the gumdrops and sweet candies. You may also use the nuts or bird seeds, some crackers that are mixed with the butter and the pet foods. If you are looking for the bait to use for your South Carolina mouse, you have to go for the strong smelling bait so that the mice may be drawn in the trap. The foods that are higher in protein or fat can be a good choice. The mice have the sweet tooth so you can consider using chocolate or sticky candy which will be more effective. When you have been using different types of bait but you find out that they are no long effective, then you have to switch the baits.

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